Presenters & Programme

Prof. Bernice Pescosolido (Indiana University Bloomington) will be the keynote speaker of the CHASE conference. The title of the keynote: The Global Landscape of Stigma

Wednesday, June 21th
12:00-12:30 Registration – Korte Meer 5, ground floor
12:30-13:00 Introduction and welcome – Piet Bracke

Session - Conference room John Vincke, Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Session 1

Megan M. Reynolds and Mauricio Avendano "Social Policy as Health Policy: Social Expenditures and Life Expectancy Gains in the US and 19 Other High-Income Countries”

  • Discussant: Sigrun Olafsdottir

Jonas Vossemer, “Does early-career involuntary job loss affect self-rated health in late life in Europe”

  • Discussant: Veerle Buffel
14:15-14:45 Coffee and tea – Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Session - Conference room John Vincke

Session 2

Angel R. Zapata Moya and Piet Bracke, "‘Preventive diffusion-contexts’ and fundamental ""meta-mechanisms"": a dynamic analytical proposition for comparing health inequalities across societies”

  • Discussant: Bernice Pescosolido

Deborah De Moortel, Paulien Hagedoorn, Christophe Vanroelen and Sylvie Gadeyne, "Employment Status and Mortality in the context of high and low regional employment levels in Belgium (2001-2011): The Protective effect of education?”

  • Discussant: Penelope Siebert

Keynote - Conference room John Vincke, Korte Meer 5, ground floora

Bernice Pescosolido “The Global Landscape of Stigma

17:00-19:30 Aperitif
Thursday, June 22st

Korpi Session - Conference room John Vincke

Session 3

Daniel Weiss, “ Innovative technologies and social inequalities in health: a systematic review of the literature.”

  • Presenter: Johanna Muckenhuber

Johanna Muckenhuber, “Puffer effect of welfare states or relative deprivation? European welfare state regimes, job demands and the number of health problems, University Graz, department of sociology,

  • Presenter: Daniel Weiss
10:45-11:15 Coffee and tea – Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Session - Conference room John Vincke

Session 4:

Bram Vanhoutte, Morten Wahrendorf, and James Nazroo, "Timing, duration and order: The influence of housing histories on later life wellbeing.”

  • Discussant: Tim Huijts

Bernice A. Pescosolido, Sigrún Ólafsdóttir and Bianca Manago, “The Coercive Tendency in Response to Mental Illness: Individual Locus, Disease Assessment, or National Climate?"

  • Discussant: Piet Bracke
12:30-13:45 Lunch - Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Korpi Session - Conference room John Vincke

Session 5

Rachel Reckinger and Faustine Régnier, “Do Public Health Campaigns Have an Impact on Diet? Institutional Set-Up and Everyday Appropriations of Nutritional Recommendations in France and Luxembourg”

  • Presenter: Arndis Vilhjalmsdottira

Arndis Vilhjalmsdottira, Jon Gunnar Bernburgb Ragna B. Gardarsdottira, and Inga Dora Sigfusdottirc “Community income inequality and adolescent emotional problems: a population based study."

  • Presenter: Rachel Reckinger and Faustine Régnier
15:00-15:45 Walking to “het Pand”, Onderbergen 1

Salon Discussions – Bibliotheca Dominicana (Library of “het Pand”), Onderbergen 1

Discussion topics

  1. Comparative research on health inequalities: national, regional, and/or global?
  2. How important is sociology in comparative health research?
  3. Examining social determinants of health in a comparative perspective: are we moving 'upstream' or 'downstream'?
  • Moderator: Tim Huijts
19:00 Meeting dinner at “Multatuli” - Huidevetterskaai 40
Friday, June 23st

Session – Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Session 6

Håvard T. Rydland, "Educational gradients in more and less preventable health conditions: Results from the seventh round of the European Social Survey.

  • Discussant: David Blane

Barbara Willems and Piet Bracke, "Participants, Physicians or Programmes: Does the initiation matter for educational inequalities in cancer screening participation?"

  • Discussant: Mel Bartley

Katrijn Delaruelle, Mieke Van Houtte and Piet Bracke, “Educational inequalities in general and mental health: does the curricular tracking system matter?”

  • Discussant: Sarah Van de Velde
11:00-11:30 Coffee and tea – Korte Meer 5, ground floor
11:30-12:00 Paper prize and farewell – Korte Meer 5, ground floor

Take a way lunch

End of the meeting